You have what???….My journey with UC

Slim and Sleek, I think not


Here’s something that I feel has been overlooked. The size of an air freshener can! I know there’s pop ups, plug ins, beads and candles but sometimes you want to offer your guests that option of immediate odor control. I wish there was something smaller on the market for a less used guest bathroom that didn’t scream “this is for the bad one” LOL

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It is amazing how much energy UC can zap out of you. I like to walk the dogs in the morning. It can be tough to find what food and hydration mix will get me through 1. The walk and 2. Satisfied to last me through lunch.

On a good day, I like to do a 40min brisk walk and get the day roaring, recently I’ve had trouble going even 15 mins. I am slowly rebuilding my stamina as I try and get this flare under control.

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CrIme partner # 2


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Walking partner in crime Murphy


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1st Batch of Yogurt


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First SCD Yogurt Batch Ever

I was so worried that my Yogourmet was going to overheat and melt the kitchen that I was surprised to find how well the yogurt batch turned out! I used organic 2% milk…. Seriously anyone can do this.

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