You have what???….My journey with UC

Prednisone Positive Review

I never in a million years thought Prednisone would be the drug to help me kick out of a flare… And mine was bad… (6-7 times a day, lost 10lbs, extremely fatigued, I’ll spare the gory details…. I wouldn’t allow my to believe how sick I really was)
I had read so many poor reviews, why should should my experience be any different… Right ? Well to my surprise Prednisone kicked me out of my worst flare… I was scared and now I miss the clarity and energy it had brought.. Yesterday I officially took my last dose… I want others to know Prednisone can help


Happy New Year!

I wish all those with Crohn’s & Colitis a healthy 2014. May this year bring many new adventures enjoyed by smiles and laughter with friends and family.

I hope to improve this blog and continue to share my UC journey with all. Happy New Year !!!

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