You have what???….My journey with UC

It’s hump day… And I got over the hump

on July 31, 2014

For 3 years I’ve been leery of getting my hair colored again. I let all my highlights grow out. My hair has been shedding / thinning for years. It must be from all the over processing I did. You know flat ironing, highlighting, over blow drying orrr maybe reality says it’s from the medicine I’ve been taking all these years and my hair has thinned. I have unclogged my shower drain too many times and the portable vac doesn’t stray too far from the bathroom. Andddd I’m extra careful at friends houses when I use their shower… No man left behind.
I just weaned myself off of prednisone. 6mp and I are solo friends now. I was hoping my hair would take a break, but apparently it’s not.
I had this fear that if I went and got my hair re-highlighted again, it would fall out in the poor girls hand and she would have to apologize profusely. I decided it was time, I’m not bald nor close to it, just have really thin hair now. I did it… And no one gave me odd questions like why do I see a ton of hair in the sink, or a sense that something was wrong or when she’s messaging my scalp it was all going to fall off in her hands. It was a completely normal salon experience.

Phew….I really just wanted to say ladies It’s going to be ok. : )

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