You have what???….My journey with UC

Yogurt Schmogurt

I’ve fallen off the Yogurt wagon

I’ll buy the plain
I’ll buy the organic
I’ll buy the Greek
I’ll make my own
I’ll buy bulk
I bring it everywhere
Mix fresh fruit
I have never ever had a craving for yogurt!
I believe in it
I mindfully forget it’s in the fridge
My love hate relationship for yogurt continues

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The small lessons count more

This ole guy can get me to walk him in any weather condition…. He really is quite stubborn and set in his ways. I was going to skip today..it really is just a bit too humid, BUT he got me! He teaches me all too many times to enjoy the moment and be present more often. I hope I am active, happy and grouchy as he is when I turn 12 ( 80 like in people yrs )


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6mp… Alcohol… I found my limit

3-4 max is my limit… Girls weekend… Next time NO shots, dump it in the bushes, do whatever it takes to avoid them… I was in the bathroom 1/2 hr later, my stomach did not appreciate the surprise. Otherwise I have found no problem with a couple glasses of wine, beer ( I tend to stay away from craft brews) I drink a ton of water too. Pacing is key, It’s hard, but reality is a gut puncher…sighhhh it’s ok though, great friends are amazing.

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