You have what???….My journey with UC

Patch this UC!

Soo Im done wondering.. Will a nicotine patch help kick a minor flare? Well I slapped on a 7mg nicotine patch. I chose the lowest dose because I used to be a light regular smoker a couple years ago. No more than a few every couple days. Im choosing to wear it for 12hrs a day. I have discussed this with my doc last year but never tried it until now.
Day 1…. Definitely tingly… Its doing something..an hour later… I forget Im wearing it… By 12 hrs had a slight headache and ripped it off
Day 2… Yep its doing something…. 1/2 hr later forget its there… 12hr mark slight headache.. Its off
Too early to give a thumbs up or down yet… But its worth the try. Cant be any worse than messing with my dna that 6mp does or the wild affects of prednisone.

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