You have what???….My journey with UC

No Shame…. Specimen bag

I just picked up the stool kit from the lab… And this is what they handed me.  No courtesy brown paper bag… Maybe something lavendar would have been nice…oh well NO Shame here… This girl is givin a poop sample tomorrow 


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Medicine Rodeo

Nothing wants to kicks this flare.

I feel like I am at the blogging part where I start crossing off medicines I have tried at the bottom of every entry. Any time I read a thread I glance at the current therapy the person is on annnnd I am super jealous of anyone who is still on the mesalamines.  

Just frustrated….

Soo current stat 100mg 6mp, 20mg pred and keep your fingers crossed I dont get bucked off too fast because the next stop is Humira. 

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