You have what???….My journey with UC

Very awake… Oh wait Im on Prednisone


Im an early riser but out for the morning walk at 5:45am on a Sun is just plain silly

The joys and demons of Presnisone for me…

Highlighting the joys: energy, clarity, 40mg tells me things still can function normally if they want to.

Cons: I get pretty agitated during the wean off, hair loss, dry hair, ingrown hairs, it doesnt last forever, im too awake.

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Hoover Dam Tours – FYI -No Snacks Aloud


I don’t go anywhwere with out a couple of snacks and a bottle of water..really.. Its a safety net for me when I get fatigued.. Eat a granola bar or a cutie orange if I’m feeling a little off. With UC for me, fatigue can creep in at unsuspecting times.

Anyway purse check at the Hoover Dam Tour…. Maam no snacks aloud. Had to throw them out and then stand in an hour long very warm stuffy line. 

I get why for many reasons… just wish I would have known alot earlier so I didnt have to throw $7 beef jerkey away and could have left it in the car. 

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Vegas Bound

  When out of routine.. Traveling can be nervous..its the “what ifs” that make me nervous.. But soo far Vegas has been good to me.. Now only if the slots would be too : )

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