You have what???….My journey with UC

Add or Eliminate??

In the brink of a flare… I’ve chosen to do both. Reflect on possible triggers and keep my fingers crossed. I’m choosing both… Lets start with the elimination of raw vegi’s and salads…so tonights dinner winner: 

Mahi Mahi w/sea salt, steamed carrots, 1/2 avocado and a baked potato : )


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The Mystery of Remission

Anyone who has achieved remission I think can maybe relate a little to this photo I found. I’ve made it 9 months and then BAM… It kindly reminds you of its linguering dark side. Its a mystery really…and it can exhaust your mind thinking about it. 


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Cheers IBD, We Made It !😊

2015 is over and we all should be proud and amazed what inner strengths we really do have. I don’t doubt for one second anyone withh IBD hasn’t silently triumphed through some rough days this past year. We made it though!!

Cheers IBD! Heres to the adventure of 2016 


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