You have what???….My journey with UC

The Boss

Nothing like a little Bruce Springsteen to start a long road trip  for work this week. : )

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Just A Note

Just that…A few years ago I started writing small notes on my phone.  I write them on low days when I need an extra push to get me through the day.  Its easy to be frustrated & disappointed when it feels like you have lost control over this disease.  Writing helps….even if is just a note.  

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A gooey PB&J is good for the soul… i dont care how old you are 😊

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Constant signs…

And CONSTIpation is an early sign of a flare for me… its like a gremlin inside making gnarley noises. Nothing like a quiet meeting and the gremlin says hi.   It’s a really annoying bloating gas pain thats difficult to relieve.  Its a very slow process of increased symptoms. The slight increase of mucas shows up etc and I digress. I could be just so in tune now after 10 plus years but you would think I could just nip this in the butt. (no pun intended)  

But todays internet search was “UC Constipation”. I found an article specifically relating  constipation and how it can exasperate colitis especially those with left sided.  It was like it was speaking directly too me.  I’ll try any new approach to wave off a full flare.  Let the food and water intake diary begin…. again : )

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          Flares are not old friends you want you keep in touch with. I don’t want to stay up late with you nor do I want to hear your morning chatter.  By now I can recognize stomach signals of whats to possibly come. Can I block you Mr Flare like on FB? Lets not be besties….

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          My 1st international trip with UC 🙂

          Turns out you can live out of the gift shop when the hotel loses your luggage. I put a weeks worth of essential UC meds and items in my carryon purse. Thank God!!

          I only drank bottled water and stayed with peeled fruit and cooked vegtables. Yep success again, traveling with UC is completely ok… my nerves will get me more often then not.  

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          Having a fat day….blahh

          Girls know… Having a fat day is just blahhh. Since being on Allopurinol & 6mp, I’ve gained 10 lbs. Im feeling extra cushy.  The doc probaly thinks this is great. I on the other hand am annoyed that every time I wash my pants, will they secretly shrink on me?!  Lol.  Then I walk into the hospital to get my blood drawn and i’m surrounded by walkers, wheelchairs, disabled and real sickness…… Anddd reality check hits. Thank You I needed it today 🙂

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          Just dont look….

          …At the top of your head in a bright dressing room when your hair is sorta falling out more than you would like. I could brush out small fur coats every morning. This happens now and again where my hair really thins. Not sure why but if the other dept is good I accept thin hair. : )

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          Go with your Gut

          Gut instincts are amazing. Never let UC interfere with the path your meant to go down. 

          There are great days with active UC. I cant stress that enough. I always want to post when things are rough, new meds, more blood tests or difficult days.  Some times I want to avoid the truth of the bad days too as its a reminder this can just suck. Just take the good and run! : )


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          Flying with Flare

          Put on your fav granny panties and rock the runway because flare or no flare I am gonna always try and go whether for work or fun. 
          It sucks, its no fun but with a small game plan I recommend it can be done with little anxiety.

           I want my next post to be some traveling tips I do help ease the what ifs in our brains. 

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