You have what???….My journey with UC

I Quit the Gym

I wanted to love it. Really I did but I didn’t particularly like the classes, never room on the sweaty mat to stretch & not a fan of sharing the sauna with the naked lady either.

What I didn’t quit is still finding a way to get exercise. So right now my basement is a great place, hung the TV on the wall and stream fantastic videos until warmer weather gets me outside. If I don’t like it, on to the next… no guilt stopping at 30mins. I don’t feel like i just walked out on someones class. 👟👟 #fit2forty

#IampatientwithIBD, #Humiraishelping

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U Did It!!

I have to say this made me smile tonight…new sharps container in the mail has this flippy message thing on the lid I had not seen until just now. The jab hurt more than normal… only Humira folks understand and for all the obnoxious material that AbbVie sends… I’ll keep this one : )

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Running into a road block.. ðŸ‘ŸðŸ‘Ÿ

At this point I am 100% convinced that stepping up my running game is a flare trigger. It’s really hard for me to not intensify my workouts when it becomes easy or not challenging. I still believe In Humira, hopefully this is a quick bump in the road. This journey is definitely not a straight road!

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Oooo when that “iffy” feeling creeps in…Thank God for workout videos, Target’s selection of yoga mats & hand weights!

Something different I am trying is that I vowed to go super slow in regaining my fitness health once I found a prescription cocktail therapy that I responded to. I tried too many times to exercise hard only to have my symptoms get worse. If only I was “more fit” it would go away. Um no.. farthest from the truth. Its easy to get wrapped up and compare yourself to those who do not have an autoimmune disease like IBD.

💜 10 mins is better than zero 💜

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Pants That Fit…This is New

Small issue but its real. It feels weird! I am actually uncomfortable, but my pants fit like they ‘re supposed to I think. A lot of us with IBD tend to be under weight. I’ve been used to my pants, shorts or skirts always to be on the loose side & I admit I secretly liked it. I wanted to share because I can’t be the only one with this new beginning of my road to remission 🙂

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Keeping in check…

…How good days never should be taken for granted. A quick hike in the woods on this crisp Dec morning. Though my bladder said I should have gone before I started…lol… but whose complaining? Happy Sunday to all.

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Soup Season My Friend Has Arrived

Its official! Soup Season has arrived : )

I have such a close relationship with soup. Like today, on a chilly fall Sunday, just making homemade soup in the kitchen I find comfort. Even from a can, soup has always been my best friend in the lowest of IBD days. There is something so healing about a bowl a soup. Today Asiago cheese : )

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The small lessons count more

This ole guy can get me to walk him in any weather condition…. He really is quite stubborn and set in his ways. I was going to skip today..it really is just a bit too humid, BUT he got me! He teaches me all too many times to enjoy the moment and be present more often. I hope I am active, happy and grouchy as he is when I turn 12 ( 80 like in people yrs )


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It is amazing how much energy UC can zap out of you. I like to walk the dogs in the morning. It can be tough to find what food and hydration mix will get me through 1. The walk and 2. Satisfied to last me through lunch.

On a good day, I like to do a 40min brisk walk and get the day roaring, recently I’ve had trouble going even 15 mins. I am slowly rebuilding my stamina as I try and get this flare under control.

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