You have what???….My journey with UC

Memorial Cabin Weekend is here… Over packing… Probably



I will be spending 4 days with family who can live on cheesy potatoes, hot dogs and all yummy things that require strong indigestion remedies. 

Its ok though, I empty my fridge and away we go… Mind as well, it would spoil otherwise. I get a couple takers on my addition of vegtables to the menu. It has taken a long time to surrender to the reality…”everything in moderation is key” 

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Holiday Flare

Holiday Flare in my IBD world is not just an extra sparkly christmas tree. For me its the repercussions of a table full of casseroles, cookies, cheese dips and ham.
I have a choice I know…. But I risk every year a holiday flare for the reality of the rest of my family who don’t have to think twice about what they eat … I am willing to gamble this.. Im just being honest….. Lol im still making smart choices but there is always an exception to grandmas cookies : )