You have what???….My journey with UC


I don’t think chili can get healthier than this. Let the countdown begin : )

#2helpingmax, #ibdsayswowthatsalotofvegi’s

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Old Fashion

Call me old fashion… lol but I find a whiskey old fashion a refreshing alternative when traveling for work.

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Running into a road block.. πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘Ÿ

At this point I am 100% convinced that stepping up my running game is a flare trigger. It’s really hard for me to not intensify my workouts when it becomes easy or not challenging. I still believe In Humira, hopefully this is a quick bump in the road. This journey is definitely not a straight road!

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Not So Cool…

My poor mans travel pack for my Humira Pen was flagged by TSA. Note to self… the $1.00 ice pack purchased doesn’t cut it. They let me through but explained weak ice packs if thawing is not a good idea. It could be portrayed as something else.

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Oooo when that “iffy” feeling creeps in…Thank God for workout videos, Target’s selection of yoga mats & hand weights!

Something different I am trying is that I vowed to go super slow in regaining my fitness health once I found a prescription cocktail therapy that I responded to. I tried too many times to exercise hard only to have my symptoms get worse. If only I was “more fit” it would go away. Um no.. farthest from the truth. Its easy to get wrapped up and compare yourself to those who do not have an autoimmune disease like IBD.

πŸ’œ 10 mins is better than zero πŸ’œ

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Humira hang on tight!

Every new med is like a new train ride, never sure where it will take me but I’m willing to go for the ride. The Humira train took 3 months to kick in with the help of prednisone. I won’t call a victory unless I can make it a full year. Im still leery of this medication but this train ride so far has been a good one. Its not to say there haven’t been bumps but Im gonna hang on tight! : )

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When the car in front of you drives too slow…

…and all you want to do is push them out of the way to race home & take care of business! 

4 months on Humira, 2 months with really good results. I’m trying to bring back a normal social life but I think my guts are saying not so fast!  

Traveling lots this month for work, lets see how this goes.  

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Humira – Just Keep Swimming πŸŸ

Humira for me is still up for debate if its working. 

πŸ”˜ Did I see immediate results? – No

πŸ”˜ 6 weeks mark – Slight improvement . I stopped all other meds (6mp, allopurinol, & entocort) – I added prednisone

πŸ”˜ 8 weeks mark – I texted my Dr really good results being seen. 

Fingers crossed this combo kicks it.  Even if this is a brief period of Prednisone high, I’ll take the relief and the journey to remission continues.  Dory sums it up well – Just Keep Swimming! 

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Very awake… Oh wait Im on Prednisone


Im an early riser but out for the morning walk at 5:45am on a Sun is just plain silly

The joys and demons of Presnisone for me…

Highlighting the joys: energy, clarity, 40mg tells me things still can function normally if they want to.

Cons: I get pretty agitated during the wean off, hair loss, dry hair, ingrown hairs, it doesnt last forever, im too awake.

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It’s hump day… And I got over the hump

For 3 years I’ve been leery of getting my hair colored again. I let all my highlights grow out. My hair has been shedding / thinning for years. It must be from all the over processing I did. You know flat ironing, highlighting, over blow drying orrr maybe reality says it’s from the medicine I’ve been taking all these years and my hair has thinned. I have unclogged my shower drain too many times and the portable vac doesn’t stray too far from the bathroom. Andddd I’m extra careful at friends houses when I use their shower… No man left behind.
I just weaned myself off of prednisone. 6mp and I are solo friends now. I was hoping my hair would take a break, but apparently it’s not.
I had this fear that if I went and got my hair re-highlighted again, it would fall out in the poor girls hand and she would have to apologize profusely. I decided it was time, I’m not bald nor close to it, just have really thin hair now. I did it… And no one gave me odd questions like why do I see a ton of hair in the sink, or a sense that something was wrong or when she’s messaging my scalp it was all going to fall off in her hands. It was a completely normal salon experience.

Phew….I really just wanted to say ladies It’s going to be ok. : )

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