You have what???….My journey with UC

Ohhhh that looks healthy… My IBD brain says otherwise


To the average person I eat pretty darn healthy. In the IBD world, my brain says this:

“Avocado-yes!, strawberries… Well they have seeds so be careful, ohh and and the hot grain cereal, it has the word grain in it… Soo really it should not be an option. Bananas are good but were they brown enough bc too green isnt that great either. At least your using real butter but it does have cream and well am I dairy sensative too this week? ”

I gobbled this up still completely satisfied because I feel I need the energy for the day and I push the IBD Google diet demons aside.  But for me this is insight as to how my brain is turning for every meal. I do believe what I eat has an effect on my colitis. Do I believe it caused my IBD or will make it go away miraculously, no. But I feel it does play an important role. 

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Eggghhhhh ! 


Really all this time I’ve been trying to stay away from carbs/grains by making mini quiches, egg salad, cobb salads, egg bake…xmas deviled eggs.. Could I really have an egg sensativity this whole time?!!!!

All I know for sure is that I’ve given up any kind of cooked egg (scrambled, hard boiled, fried) for 2 weeks and there has not been any repercussions. 

This leads to my new Google of the week… Egg sensitivity, sulfur

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Medicine Rodeo

Nothing wants to kicks this flare.

I feel like I am at the blogging part where I start crossing off medicines I have tried at the bottom of every entry. Any time I read a thread I glance at the current therapy the person is on annnnd I am super jealous of anyone who is still on the mesalamines.  

Just frustrated….

Soo current stat 100mg 6mp, 20mg pred and keep your fingers crossed I dont get bucked off too fast because the next stop is Humira. 

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