You have what???….My journey with UC

Girls Trip


This friend is a bestie when traveling especially sharing a room with your friends on a girls trip.

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I Quit the Gym

I wanted to love it. Really I did but I didn’t particularly like the classes, never room on the sweaty mat to stretch & not a fan of sharing the sauna with the naked lady either.

What I didn’t quit is still finding a way to get exercise. So right now my basement is a great place, hung the TV on the wall and stream fantastic videos until warmer weather gets me outside. If I don’t like it, on to the next… no guilt stopping at 30mins. I don’t feel like i just walked out on someones class. 👟👟 #fit2forty

#IampatientwithIBD, #Humiraishelping

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I don’t think chili can get healthier than this. Let the countdown begin : )

#2helpingmax, #ibdsayswowthatsalotofvegi’s

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Not Random at All…

Part of coping with IBD is having a sense of control with the what ifs…. I cary a travel pouch full of items for my what ifs. I recently left mine at the hotel and had to build a new one.

Tums, Imodium, bandaids, lady items, prescriptions, Pep-to, sinus stuff, flashlight, bathroom spray, Tylenol….

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✅ hat

✅ 50 SPF

✅ sunglasses

Taking no chances

Don’t want to find out the hard way why Humira & the sun don’t mix

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Comfortably Happy

I used think eggs bothered me… too much sulfur

I used to think maybe avocados bothered me too.. too rich in fiber

I used to think white bread was secretly rotting my insides.

This long journey has taught me not to fear trying anything that might make this disease more comfortable.

And I’m comfortably happy eating all these foods again & more. I have to say Humira has been a game changer.

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Old Fashion

Call me old fashion… lol but I find a whiskey old fashion a refreshing alternative when traveling for work.

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U Did It!!

I have to say this made me smile tonight…new sharps container in the mail has this flippy message thing on the lid I had not seen until just now. The jab hurt more than normal… only Humira folks understand and for all the obnoxious material that AbbVie sends… I’ll keep this one : )

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Running into a road block.. 👟👟

At this point I am 100% convinced that stepping up my running game is a flare trigger. It’s really hard for me to not intensify my workouts when it becomes easy or not challenging. I still believe In Humira, hopefully this is a quick bump in the road. This journey is definitely not a straight road!

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Not So Cool…

My poor mans travel pack for my Humira Pen was flagged by TSA. Note to self… the $1.00 ice pack purchased doesn’t cut it. They let me through but explained weak ice packs if thawing is not a good idea. It could be portrayed as something else.

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