You have what???….My journey with UC

New Year – New Strong

Something is different this year. Even the geranium is blossoming in January!

I am learning a new strong. Learning to recognize what and how healthy feels good again. Its not always that easy but I am excited!! I feel for nano seconds of the day I forget I have IBD… crazy! : )

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Soup Season My Friend Has Arrived

Its official! Soup Season has arrived : )

I have such a close relationship with soup. Like today, on a chilly fall Sunday, just making homemade soup in the kitchen I find comfort. Even from a can, soup has always been my best friend in the lowest of IBD days. There is something so healing about a bowl a soup. Today Asiago cheese : )

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When a good day feels like this : )


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Thats Not What I Thought I ordered…

You think you are ordering a rather plain dish and you get the fancy one. It looks amazing, it will taste good but it will not come out good. The fact is my digestive system hates meals that are mixed with creative sauces and unusual combinations. Troubles of work travel… #fancyhalibut

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When the car in front of you drives too slow…

…and all you want to do is push them out of the way to race home & take care of business! 

4 months on Humira, 2 months with really good results. I’m trying to bring back a normal social life but I think my guts are saying not so fast!  

Traveling lots this month for work, lets see how this goes.  

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Humira – Just Keep Swimming 🐟

Humira for me is still up for debate if its working. 

🔘 Did I see immediate results? – No

🔘 6 weeks mark – Slight improvement . I stopped all other meds (6mp, allopurinol, & entocort) – I added prednisone

🔘 8 weeks mark – I texted my Dr really good results being seen. 

Fingers crossed this combo kicks it.  Even if this is a brief period of Prednisone high, I’ll take the relief and the journey to remission continues.  Dory sums it up well – Just Keep Swimming! 

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Check Please

Took Humira Pen on plane ☑️

Survived a week of work cocktail hours ☑️

Wore a swimsuit w/coworkers ☑️

Tankini covers injection bruise ☑️

Its not always easy to travel when your in a flare. After 14 years of this disease, my confidense to handle the tougher days is so much better. I am beyond thankful.  💛

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Nesting….Darn U Humira

I found myself nesting this week prior to my first loding dose of humira… like I’m going to pick up a germ tomorrow. Slightly overkill. 

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Holy Moly Humira

Its a flow chart disaster waiting to happen.

 I haven’t even started it yet and I think I’ve talked to 10 people between the doctor office nurses, insurance companies, regular pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, Abvie ambassadors and their own benefit folks…lol… it better work!

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Could Intense Exercise Be a Culprit?

New theory!! 

Just facinating this could be a real reason when I reflect on my flare &  exercise regime. 

Same time last year I felt great and wanted to increase my aerobic endurance and start exercising more intensly….. Reap the benefits right? Spin class, step class, kickboxing…3 times a week and bam… Flare again!

I found a great article explaining the relationship between the gut and exercising. 


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